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  • LED Rental Display Market Competition Is Getting Into The White-Hot Stage

    LED display market in outdoor advertising, outdoor display, venue applications such as the struggle for markets after several years of competition, shall be subject to substantially the initial pattern formation, the company's market segments and market share basically stable, stable market structur

  • Two Control Methods to Adjust Brightness of Large LED Display

    As the LED display technology continues to mature, the requirement of large LED screen is becoming higher and higher, from monochrome to color. LED experts introduce the below two kinds of control methods to adjust the brightness of large LED display: 1- Another means of controlling the brightness

  • How to cool the LED display on hot days?

    For summer coming, the LED display not only should be in addition to lightning, but also pay attention to the hot weather, particularly outdoor LED display. Some area's outdoor temperature in summer sometimes as high as 38°,40°and the display still kept working. There are three ideas to keep the out

  • What is pixel pitch and why should I care?

    When researching digital signage technology for your brand, you may run across a few industry terms that you’re not familiar with. Industry jargon can be hard to wade through, but understanding the different aspects of display technologies will ultimately help you make the best decision for your co

  • How to choose high quality fine pixel LED display

    With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, fine pixel LED display become more and more excellent. The industry named led display which pixel under 0.8mm small pixel led display. What should we consider about when we choose small pixel led display?Price. Due to the pixel pitch become

  • How to Distinguish the LED Display Quality

    LED display products is getting more and more popular for modern life, how to distinguish the led display quality? ENBON listed the following methods: 1. FlatnessSurface flatness of the display should be within ± 1mm, so as to ensure the display image is not distorted. Partial raised or recessed w

  • Why ENBON Transparent LED display can grow fast in the glass wall field

    It is understood that ENBON transparent LED display has a high perspective rate, to ensure the floor, glass facade, windows and other lighting structure lighting requirements and visual angle range,and it also ensure the glass wall original lighting perspective function,the most important is save sp

  • Why Fine Pixel Pitch HD LED Display Is So Popular?

    Fine Pitch LED Display delivering true-to-life images and videos with high precision pixel pitches, bringing a great viewing experience to the audience at a close viewing distance. By providing extraordinary image quality with precise colors, Fine Pitch LED Display creates remarkable visual experie

  • Features and Advantages of ENBON Transparent LED Display

    After long technical innovation & expansion, transparent LED displays have been accepted widely by the consumers all over the world. With the benefits of excellent heat indulgence, quick installation, high brightness and transparency and easy upkeep, transparent LED display could be employed behind

  • What is the scan mode for LED display

    The scanning mode of LED display confused many people, what’s does it work? And what’s this affect for LED screen? Here give you detail information:LED displayMean LED is driven by IC,LED display screenmeans LED is off. Each drive IC have 16 pins, and can drive 16 LED chip at the most. Static drive

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