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What is pixel pitch and why should I care?

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When researching digital signage technology for your brand, you may run across a few industry terms that you’re not familiar with.  Industry jargon can be hard to wade through, but understanding the different aspects of display technologies will ultimately help you make the best decision for your company and space. Are you familiar with pixel pitch? When it comes to LED displays, finding the pixel pitch that’s right for you is essential to the success of your display.




In the simplest of explanations, pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an LED cluster (or pixel) to the center of the next LED cluster/pixel measured in millimeters. Pixel pitch typically ranges from .1mm up to 10mm. ENBON indoor LED displays feature pixel pitches ranging from .9mm – 10mm to help you find the best solution for you.




Pixel pitch directly correlates your display resolution and optimal viewing distance. The smaller the pixel pitch number, the more pixels used to make up the image on your display, thus improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance. What does this mean in plain terms? The lower the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to your display and still have a great resolution.


So, wouldn’t a smaller pixel pitch be better all of the time? Having a smaller pixel pitch does help your picture, but at a cost. By having a smaller pixel pitch, you increase the number of LED clusters for your display. ENBON led display with a 4mm pixel pitch uses 247,760 pixels, where as a 6mm LED display of the same size uses 96,000. The more LED clusters in your display, the higher your expense. You can cut your costs and still have a fantastic display by going with a larger pixel pitch if your audience isn’t too close to your screen. If your display is in a space where your target audience will be closer to the display screen, such as in a retail environment, a 4mm pixel pitch is probably better suited to your needs. If you are hanging your display higher and in turn further from your target, for a project such as airport signage, a 5mm or 6mm display may be best for you.

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