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What is pixel pitch, P10, P20, Real Pixel or Virtual Pixel (Pixel Bis)

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Pixel pitch is the distance between each pixel of LEDs. The smaller the pixel pitch – the closer the pixels are together. Therefore there is closer viewing distance before the picture becomes pixelated. P10, 16, 20 basically means the distance between each pixel (which is 10mm, 16mm or 20mm, etc.). This number also roughly tells you the best viewing distance from the screen (in this case 10m, 16m or 20m, etc.) although there might be some exception.


Real pixel technology (1R1G1B – 1red, 1green and 1 blue LED) allows you to display the actual pixel pitch of the LED screen. The other type is Virtual Pixel technology (Pixel Bis) (2R,1G,1B – 2 reds, 1green and 1blue LED), which very cleverly shares LEDs between pixels, thus effectively doubling the resolution of the screen, so this is very common to hear about LED screen with real 16mm, virtual 8mm.


So while making the most important decision – Which one is the most suitable for your business, you have to outline the purpose of your screen, place where it will be fitted (check the construction with the Qualified Engineer first as the screen is pretty heavy), the viewing distance (this affects the price of the screen – the closer the viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch, the more expensive the screen is), is it for outdoor or indoor use. Gathering all these information will help you save a lot of money and avoid buying the screen that you might be not entirely satisfied with.



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