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Pyramid KS 9000 professional video processor LED Multi-screen Splicing Processing Platform for LED display of 4k 8K resolution

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Pyramid KS 9000

LED Multi-screen Splicing Processing Platform

LED Multi-screen mosaic process, allowing free splicing, trans-conductance, overlay, roam and zoom.
★Unlimited screens for a single output, realizing free display of all input signals.
★Custom resolution, single output perfect display horizontal maximum 4000 pixels, vertical maximum 2000 pixels.
★CrossInt mosaic processing technology, effectively eliminating mosaic dislocation and desynchronization.
★Flexible board design with a single board supporting blending of diversified signals.
★Seamless switch between channel signals or even entire template plans.
★Support up to 200 modes and overlay of multiple image-text captions.
★Support HD base map and allowing source materials to be prestored in the equipment.
★Support input signal character overlay, realizing signal mark easily.
★Based on FPGA array, pure hardware architecture, no system crash risk, and 24*365 not-stop operation.

KS9000, as a high performance multi-picture mosaic processor specially designed for LED display, can easily drive super large resolution LED displays and provide multiple superior functions covering multi-picture processing, image-text caption overly, seamless scene and signal calling.

Outstanding Windowing Capability

Multi-picture Layout

Common mosaic processors limit the number of screens for a single output. 

Any output channel of KS9000 can display all input sources with unlimited number of image displays in a single output and all signals can be overlaid freely.

Pre-monitoring of all signals by a single monitor easily, with perfect collaboration between large and small screens.

Flexible Board Design

Mixed Input Board

KS9000 adopts board design; users can change board by yourself. Moreover, each input board of KS9000 is not subject to single signal. so users can choose different type signals which can be integrated in one input board. It improves the configuration of the product effectively.

Multi-power Redundancy

KS9000 supports multi-power redundancy, with up to 4 powers equipped, powerfully ensuring its 24 X 365 continuous operation.

4K UHD board and EDID management

UHD Overwhelms the 4K Era

EDID management: The resolution of LED display is nonstandard normally (e.g. 3664*1792).The management function of KS9000 enables users to customize the input and output resolution so as to achieve point to point display.
Perfect Splicing Effect

CrossInt Splicing Technology 

The splicing of LED displays is often non-standard, nonuniform or different size ones, which may result in dislocation or out-sync etc. KS9000 adopts CrossInt technology designed for small pixel LED displays and solves these problems easily.

HD Base Map and Image-Text Overlay

Base map and overlay: Ultra HD picture can be preserved in the KS9000 and used as point to point background to enhance the display effect. Moreover, KS9000 supports editable characters and picture overlay, which can be used for adding caption and LOGO etc.

Characters overlay: Characters can be input to each channel of KS9000 and showed on the above of picture. The characters go with the signal switches.

Superior Seamless Switch

Signal and mode seamless switch
The superior switch ability of KS9000 is benefit from the powerful processing engineer. It is not only guarantees the instant seamless switch of the single window, but also enables the instant seamless switch under the layout mode change. There is no black screen, flicker or jam.

Template call: The preset parameters of KS9000 can be saved as different user-defined templates so as to realize quick switch on different scenes.

Convenient WiFi Control

KYSTAR software and WIFI control
KS9000 is configured with WIFI control module. Notebook, tablet PC etc. can be used to make set up and control for the KS9000 by KYSTAR software,which enhance the usability of the product significantly.

KSYSTAR Control Software




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