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How to choose high quality fine pixel LED display

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With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, fine pixel LED display become more and more excellent. The industry named led display which pixel under 0.8mm small pixel led display. What should we consider about when we choose small pixel led display?

Price. Due to the pixel pitch become small, the led lamps are more intensive. It requirements of small led display heat dissipation, electricity and circuit is higher than other pixel led display. Now, Small spacing LED display technology is still in the development period, not very skilled, resulting in the small distance LED display price is very expensive. But with small pitch LED display technology is more and more skilled, more and more high capacity, the price will be declined. Just like the cellphone, the price is very expensive when it come out but when the cellphone flooded in the market the price is not so expensive.

From the maintenance aspect, although the LED display life is very long, the lamp is more, and the thickness requirements of indoor is lower than outdoor, resulting in the cooling effect is not very good, prone to failure. This situation is hard for small led displays maintain but now there is solution, front maintain led display. Attention should be paid to the purchase and application of small pixel led display.

The brightness area ratio of LED display is the ratio of each pixel of luminous surface to the pixel of whole LED display screen, and led display is arranged by discrete pixels, pixels and pixels are very different. Some viewing effect is not good in very close distance and uneven brightness will have granular things. If the light source is in very small pixels, the brightness index of a pixel is very high; it will cause a strong visual impact.

Flat LED display is recognized in the industry standard requirements, LED lights can not less than 50%, but now many of the LED display on the market cannot meet the requirements

The TV low-pass filter cut-off characteristics also affect the proper shooting distance of the LED display screen with different filling coefficients. The attenuation of small filling coefficients is more than large filling coefficients, so it required in long distance to take a photo. If the low-pass filter pass band is 4MHz, and the high frequency attenuation characteristic 12db/ octave, then the shooting distance of the fill factor 25% is more attenuated 1.15db than the fill factor 50%, and the shooting distance needs to be increased by about 10%. The increase of fill factor is the wider application of LED display color difference is more ideal, perfectly solved the dazzling problem, now the LED display creation conditions are also getting better and better.

It is aims to achieve high-definition of small distance LED display, enter the home appliance industry. Now the LED display is used as municipal project l and commercial media. If you enter the home appliance industry and sells to every family, which is undoubtedly a display revolution

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