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How to Distinguish the LED Display Quality

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LED display products is getting more and more popular for modern life, how to distinguish the led display quality?  ENBON  listed the following methods:


1. Flatness

Surface flatness of the display should be within ± 1mm, so as to ensure the display image is not distorted. Partial raised or recessed will lead to the display viewing angle appears dead. The quality of flatness is determined mainly by the production process.

2. Brightness and viewing angle

Indoor full color screen brightness should be 800cd /㎡ or more, outdoor full color screen brightness should be 6000cd /㎡ or more, so as to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise the displayed image can’t be seen due to low brightness.

3. The balance effect

White balance is one of the most important indicators of the display. Red, green and blue color science should take in the ratio of 1: 4.6: 0.16 in this way pure white is possible, if the actual proportion of any deviation occurs, the white balance bias. White balance is mainly determined by the quality of the display control system

4.The color reduction

Color reduction refers to the color display of color reduction. Display height should be consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure realistic images.

5. Have mosaics, dead phenomenon

Mosaic refers to appears on the display lit or normally black small four-square, both modules necrosis, connector quality mainly used for the display, but off.

Dead point is steady appear on the display or normally black single point, how good or bad from the die to determine the dead point.

6. Have color

Color refers to the existence of obvious color difference between adjacent modules, transition colors in module units, the color phenomenon is mainly caused by the control system is poor, the gray level is not high, low scanning frequency caused.

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